Q: Salaam! At what age did you revert? How did you find out about Islam? I love hearing stories of reverts. I find d them so inspiring mashallah!

Waleikum Salaam dear :) I was 22 when I reverted. It was 1 year and 5 months ago in March, I’m still a toddler haha. But my curiosity about Islam started when I was 21, in the end of 2011, I met one guy, that is now my husband :). And my first conversations with him really changed my perception about Islam, and I started doing researches about it. I didn’t know anything about islam, only the lies we always see in the biased media. Then I started studying about it only to know it better, I use to think that I would never change my religion, that was Christianity. I was quite religious, specially my parents. The story is long and took me one year for me to see that I wanted to be muslim, and I had that feeling that my whole life was a lie because what I use to believe wasn’t totally true, and I found out that everything make sense in islam, so I needed to become muslim, there wasn’t a way back after that. I met other muslims born and reverts that also helped me a lot in my journey, I use to watch a lot of lectures on youtube, and hijab tutorials that made me to see the beauty of it, I use to feel fobia of hijab haha I use to think that I would never, never wear hijab :p and I also bought one translation of the Qur’an in Portuguese, I found an islamic centre in my city and went there, they gave me books….. the rest is story :) I’m very thankful to be a muslim now, Alhamdulillah subhanAllah!!!! ♡♡♡

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